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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Virtual Reality

The aim of this project is to develop a virtual reality based cognitive behavioral therapy tool where users can test the skills they have learnt in CBT for disorders such as social anxiety, phobia treatment and PTSD. Alongside the VR experience will be an app which the user can then track their progress levels and log their thoughts and feelings alongside the VR.

A technique primarily used in CBT is called ‘in-vivo exposure’. In-Vivo Exposure is where patients face their fears directly in real-life settings (Cuccurullo & Joyce, 2020). However, in some cases exposure levels can be too high for patients to test in the real world (Geraets et al., 2019), therefore by providing a VR experience the exposure levels can be tailored accordingly to the user. CBT is also a viable option because it can be self-directed (Ho et al., 2015), therefore it has the potential to manage earlier symptoms of disorders such as social anxiety and provide direct, instant access. 

Skills Used-

3D Modelling



Design - Sophie Hague


Virtual Reality

The virtual reality CBT scene will be created from a mixture of literature reviews from previous articles and also primary data collected at the beginning of the portfolio. The general idea is to create a scenario where users with social anxiety can build confidence in everyday scenarios,

Ability to repeat scenes
Total immersion

Ability to control the parameters of the exposure
Option to use the VR scenes at any time


The app is secondary to the VR experience where the use will log their thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout the VR scenes. This is used for self-assessment.

Diary Entry


The first task was creating the cafe components. To create the models I used Maya which would help make the 3d objects and understand the layout of the room.

Final Outcome

The App

The app will allow users to log their thoughts, feelings and emotions to track their progress on CBT VR. It will also allow them to select different programmes for their VR experience.

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