The app that tunes into your mood.


Sometimes after a tough day it can be difficult to find the time to unwind. The speed of the day picks up and before we know it we repeat all over again tomorrow, but where do we find the time to be mindful and put our needs first?

74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.  Therefore there is a need to introduce a service that can be used on the go, aimed at creating a safe space to enter a tranquil state, whether thats on the journey home from work, doing the daily commute or finishing up house chores. 

So what is Beats Per Mile?

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Beats Per Mile is a health and well-being app aimed at reducing stress levels by playing music which is tailored to your mood. Beats Per Mile uses the power of tempo to reduce and rematch your heart rate to the sound of the music. The more stressful the mood the lower the BPM.

We aim to remove some of the stress of your day by changing the pace by streaming music that only plays 60 to 80 beats per minute. The ideal rate for promoting calmness, mindfulness and anti-stress.

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User research

All research respondents were in the category of 18-30, 55% were female, 40% were male and 5% were non-binary.

Research gathered:
- 80% of respondents stream music to match their mood e.g. when they're happy, sad, stressed
-90% of respondents have felt overwhelmed because of stress at least once
-85% of our uses don't practise any form of meditation for the main reasons of not knowing how to meditate or never having the time
-80% of our users said they would consider downloading an app that tailors music to their stress levels/ mood.


Using the data gathered from the user research, here are some suggested target audience profiles.


Target Audience Profiles



NQT Primary School Teacher, F


-Time to unwind when she gets home from work, dives straight into marking.


-Can't find the time to relax




University Student , M


-To delegate workloads between a part time job and university work

-Gets stressed easily


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Mood tracker

The apps USP is that the interface will track the listeners mood depending on their choice in colour, making it easy for the user to review their mood patterns.

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