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A rebrand for a boutique Chilli business based in Sheffield.


Chilli Pepper Pete is a boutique producer and exporter of various chilli-based products, based in Sheffield. Although some of the products were rebranded to a draconic theme (Dragon‘s Blood) using a third-party design agency, the old theme is not consistent with the current branding of CPP with the added constraint of the organisation not owning the rights to certain imagery nor their current logo. These issues are likely having a negative impact on both customers and the organisation as they do not inspire consumers to try new products and undermines any marketing attempts by the organisation.

The aim of this rebrand is to hold a more cohesive identity and style, resulting in a greater brand recognition and a visually appealing product offering which will be better support for future marketing endeavours for personal growth.

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Labelling design

Chilli Pepper Petes labelling was incoherent with their current branding, it consisted of exploring multiple themes with no tie back to their draconic theme. Therefore there was a need to make the labelling consistent and cohesive. As part of the rebrand we also tied back to using colours as a measure of heat.


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Colour Scheme

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