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The Cost Of Living

An educational app surrounding the hidden costs for home owners/ renters

Designer- Sophie Hague

As a single person or student, the estimated cost of living per month in the UK is £651 without including rent.

As the cost of living rises it raises questions about how much we as a society understand what we are paying for, especially for first time buyers/ renting. Understanding what the hidden cost is to run a home can be difficult to comprehend. 

With a better knowledge and understanding of where our money is going, we have a better platform to start saving our money in more creative ways.

Persona 1

Emily, Aged 24, Female, wants to move out.

Living Status

Living with parents


- Doesn’t understand what she is paying for with council tax
- Is nervous that there are things she hasn’t factored in that she’ll need to be able to afford
-House prices being so extortionate


- To move out 
​- To be well equipped before she moves out
- To understand fully what mortgages are
- Wants to feel well educated when it comes to buying a house


“No one explains to you all the hidden costs of buying a home and all the costs that come with it”

The Cost of Living User Flow

The Solution is to create an app which educates an audience of potential first time home owners/ renters about the hidden costs of running a home. The app is aimed to boost knowledge and confidence by providing a free educational recourse all about bills and insurance.

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1. Information


Conversational language is used to create a more informal tone.
The sections are also split up depending on the different areas of cost e.g. water, council tax etc. It is then further subdivided into novice, competent and a living legend.


To understand the users goals and ambitions; what they may already know about the cost of living and their confidence levels when understanding the cost of living; a short questionnaire can be answered to create a more personalised experience.

2.Quiz and Additional Information

The users can also take quizzes to test their own knowledge, adding a level of gamification to learning. There is also an additional resource section that directs them towards money management resources.

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