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A brand which takes in old materials and repurposes them into new items of clothing

The Problem

The fashion sector produces 60 million tonnes of garments a year, and employs 60 million people around the world, mainly in developing countries.1 As of now, the industry constitutes one of the biggest threats to our climate.

Do the Green Thing want to find big, radical ideas that can change the culture of fast fashion and make an impact before it is too late.


The Solution is to create a brand/ company concept which in theory would purchase clothes from consumers and then turn them into a new item ready to be resold.

The user can either buy ‘new’ clothes from the site which will have been created from old materials, sell on their old clothes for a small fee or request that an old item of theirs is turned into something new.

Clothes hold a lot of memories, the idea is to give the clothes new memories.

You can download the brand  guidelines here

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