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CPR Training in Augmented Reality

A digital teaching tool which allows for free and easy access to on-demand CPR training through Augmented Reality.

Designer- Sophie Hague

In Partnership with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service

NHS Yorkshire Ambulance Service Logo.png

According to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, less than one in ten (8.6%) people survive a cardiac arrest

(NHS Yorkshire Ambulance Service, 2023)

A study conducted by YouGov commissioned by the British Heart Foundation (British Heart Foundation, 2023) found that only 51% of respondents said they could perform CPR if a loved one had a sudden cardiac arrest.


In the same study, 47% said they were unsure of where to learn and 27% said they did not have the confidence to learn. There is a need for an accessible and repeatable training course for first aid skills which can be accessed not only through the workplace and schools but also as an individual.

The idea is to create a Augmented Reality Filter for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, the aim is to teach the correct positioning of CPR and also the pace.  This will therefore install confidence in users of how to perform CPR properly in emergent situations, therefore preventing deaths in cardiac arrest.

What Am I Designing?

In order to provide accessible and easy-learning tools to the general public, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service have created the "Pillow Partner." The Pillow Partner is 'an affordable, easily obtainable learning tool which aim to make CPR training more accessible to all with the aim of improving cardiac arrest survival rates' (Yorkshire Ambulance Service, 2023). Almost 50,000 pillows have been distributed to learners in hopes of instilling confidence of conducting CPR in the most crucial of times.

Pillow Partner.jpeg

(Yorkshire Ambulance Service, 2023)

The idea is to build an AR image tracking filter which will be linked to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s “Pillow Partner”. The user will scan the pillow, the pillow will then present a short animation of how to conduct CPR properly

If you would like to know more about Pillow Partner you can do so here:

"Unconscious" person appears

Imagery  to represent checking for danger

Visual  prompt over the manikin 

3d model of phone next to mankin

Arrow Light.png
Arrow Light_edited.png
Arrow Light_edited.png
Arrow Light.png
Arrow Light.png

User Scans Pillow

Check to see if scene is safe to respond

Check if person is responsive “are you okay?”

Shout for help

Phone 999

Lie the person on their back

Kneel by their side

Position yourself so you are in line with the knees

Place one hand on the chest and lock fingers together


Lean over chest to push straight down with body weight

Place the heel of the hand in the centre of the unconscious person’s chest


Target next to model as to the ideal place to sit

3d model of hand compression grip

Compression rate extremely important!! 


Correct location,  target located on the chest

Depth of 5-6cm

Arrow Light_edited.png
Arrow Light_edited.png
Arrow Light_edited_edited.png
Arrow Light_edited_edited.png

The Concept

The idea for this filter is that the mannequin will help guide the users as to where to press on a 3D model, resembling a human body. It also has a target which will contract, this therefore signifies the user hitting the beat.

2D sketch concept 1.png

Target contracting with the rate of compressions. The aim is that the learner needs to hit the beat. This can be complemented by an audio beat so the user can correlate the beat with compression rate.


Transparency so users can still see the markings on the pillow

SUitable for younger learners

Easy to understand


The Build

The Development build would primarily take place on two pieces of software, Maya and Unity.

Maya Build

To build the filter 3d models needed to be created.

Unity Build

Once the models had been created they were placed into Unity where they were created into a prefab, animated then image tracked

The Final Outcome

The AR filter which teaches user CPR, aiming to increase accessibility and affordability to training while intstilling confidence in users.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 21.38.30.png
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 21.38.17.png
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 21.38.40.png
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 21.39.01.png


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