The Science and Technology Facilities Council are ‘a world- leading multi- disciplinary science organisation’ who I got the opportunity to work alongside during my second year of university.

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It is important to note that science can be a very complicated topic to understand. Jargon can be misconstrued which dehumanises topics such as medical inventions and make it difficult to understand its importance, thus preventing the empathy that is needed to strike innovation in a targeted audience of budding engineers and scientists aged sixteen to eighteen.

To engage young people in science there is a need to inspire the targeted audience with science that has a direct implication to their lives. For instance, An example of this is the innovative High-Performance Low-Cost ventilator created by the STFC (UKRI, 2020), created in response to coronavirus, which is being trialled in Brazil where healthcare is unevenly spread and will be distributed to developing countries.

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The intended proposal is to create a travelling exhibition in schools using the HPLV ventilator as a case study to inspire young people in STEM.

The exhibition is aimed at inspiring the next generation of STEM students into thinking of innovative ways of helping others by showcasing the STFC’s accessible medical technology.